Richland Community Library

Library Cards

The library offers a variety of memberships based on eligibility and service needs.

  1.  Resident card:
    Available to any individual who lives or owns the property (or business) in the library district.
  2. Paid membership card:
    Available for an annual fee of $75.00 or $30.00 for a 3-month temporary membership.
    Annual paid memberships are issued one per household to non-residents who want full resident privileges at Richland Community Library, including interlibrary loan.  
    Three-month temporary memberships do not allow interlibrary loan privileges. 
    Library cards will be issued to adult residents of the household only.  Renewals are granted for an additional annual fee.
  3. Reciprocal borrower memberships:
    Available to individuals holding valid resident borrower cards from libraries with which RCL has reciprocal borrowing agreements. (Currently, reciprocal borrowing agreements are maintained with Kalamazoo Public Library and the Portage District Library).
    Interlibrary loan privileges are only available through cardholder’s home library.
  4. MILibrarycard guest memberships:
    Available to individuals 18 and older whose home library participates in the MILibraryCard program.
    Interlibrary loan privileges are only available to patrons through the cardholder’s home library. 
    MILibraryCard guest members are eligible to check out 20 items to include up to 5 media items.

Access to paid electronic subscription databases and digital downloading services [e.g. Overdrive] will be available to resident cardholders, patrons with paid memberships or Courtesy Donor memberships.


Library Card Application

Library card applicants must present valid identification to demonstrate eligibility.

  •  Current photo ID and proof of street address is required, such as a Michigan Driver’s license, State ID card, current year tax statement or receipt, current utility bill, or out-of-state ID with current utility bill. Post office boxes will not be accepted as proof of residence.
  • MILibraryCard guest membership applicants must present their home library card, with a MichiCard sticker obtained from their local library, and a barcode.
  • Minor resident applicants need a parent or guardian’s signature. Signers must present proper ID and be eligible to borrow materials.  Signature indicates an acceptance of responsibility for return of all materials when due, and for all losses and damages to materials and equipment borrowed.  Minors must renew their cards upon turning 18 years of age to assume legal responsibility for items checked out.


All library cards will have an expiration date, at which time current address and phone information must be verified.  Cardholders are responsible for all materials checked out on their card or on the cards of minors for whom they have assumed responsibility.  Cardholder agrees to abide by library lending rules and all policies and regulations.

 It is the responsibility of the cardholder to notify the library of any change of address or telephone number, and to report lost or stolen cards immediately. One library card per year will be replaced free of charge. Subsequent cards can be replaced for a $1.00 fee. 

 With pre-authorized, written consent, a parent/legal guardian may allow full-time babysitters/nannies to check out on their card.  The parent/legal guardian will be financially responsible for all materials that are checked out on their card.  Such permission will be granted in three-month increments. The parent/ legal guardian needs to come into the library to provide such authorization.


Patron Confidentiality

In compliance with the Michigan Library Privacy Act, access to a patron’s record is permitted only to that patron.  Access by other individuals in the household [e.g. relatives, caregivers] is allowed only with the written permission of the registered cardholder.  Only authorized users [as identified above], parents or legal guardians will be allowed to check out materials or be provided detailed information on any library account. (Act. No. 455, P.A. 1982, MCLA SS 397.601 to 397.605)


Resident Loan Periods and Limits

The following loan periods and limits have been established to provide library users with an adequate amount of time to both use library materials and return them so that they are available in a reasonable amount of time for other users.  Residents and paid members may have up to 50 items checked out at any time.  Loan limits for specific media types are as follows for residents and paid members:


Materials with standard loan periods may be renewed up to ten times if the item has not been reserved for another library user. One renewal of High Demand items is also permitted if the item has not been reserved, as described above.


Reminders & Overdue Notices

If a patron has provided an email address upon registration, a reminder email will be sent out once a week with all checked out items and their due dates. If any item is not returned on time, subsequent overdue notices may be sent out in weeks following the due date. If an item is overdue longer than 60 days, the item automatically goes into Lost statues and the patron is charged the full replacement cost. If the item is returned in quality condition BEFORE the patron has paid for it, no fines or fees will be accessed.


Damaged or Lost Items

  • Borrowers will be charged the current retail replacement cost for any materials that are lost or damaged beyond repair. Items will be declared lost approximately 60 days after the due date. 
  • Borrowers who pay for damaged materials may, if they choose, keep the damaged item.
  • The library does not refund patrons for lost and paid-for materials if they are later found.


Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

Cardholders will have their borrowing privileges suspended when they have any item that is overdue by four weeks or when their fines exceed $5.00. Parents and legal guardians are responsible for the fines of minors, and all fines of minors will be incorporated into the fine limit for the adult. Borrowing privileges may be suspended when the library has reason to believe that the cardholder has outdated address/phone information.  The cardholder must present current acceptable identification to restore borrowing privileges. 

 NOTE:  All circulation policies are subject to the judgment of the Library Director under special circumstances.  Any decision made by the Library Director may be appealed to the Library Board.  Decisions made by the Library Board are final.

May 21, 2014
Amended November 28, 2018
Updated July 29, 2020

Location & Hours

Richland Community Library Location Photo
Richland Community Library Main Branch
8951 Park Street, Richland, MI 49083
269.629.9085 (Phone)
269.629.5330 (Fax)

Tuesdays 10 AM - 6 PM
Wednesdays 10 AM - 6 PM
Thursdays 10 AM - 7 PM
Fridays 10 AM - 5 PM
Saturdays 10 AM - 1 PM
Sundays Closed
Mondays Closed

Our book drop is located in the rear parking lot of the library, which is accessible though the Richland Eye Care parking lot off of 32nd Street.