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For MIDDLE SCHOOLERS in GRADES 6-8, the challenge is to read 100 books before High School! This is an ongoing challenge. Earn rewards at 25, 50, 75, and 100 books. Your name will be entered into an annual grand prize drawing for every 25 books read.

Middle school comes with new responsibilities, and sometimes that can feel like a lot to handle. Taking some time for yourself by reading books that you enjoy can help keep things from becoming too overwhelming. With this program, there are no assigned books, no deadlines (other than finishing before you start high school!), and no reports to write. Read whatever you want, whenever you want!

For HIGH SCHOOLERS in GRADES 9-12, the challenge is to read 100 books before graduation! This is an ongoing challenge. Earn rewards at 25, 50, 75, and 100 books. Your name will be entered into an annual grand prize drawing for every 25 books read.

We know that high school can be a busy time, and school work and activities can take over your life. However, reading books for fun (not just for classes) is a great way to slow down, escape real-life pressures, and recharge by stepping outside yourself for a bit.


What is this and why should I sign up?

Great question! There are two separate programs, so you should sign up for the one that fits your age: 100 Books Before High School is for students in grades six through eight and 100 Books Before Graduation is for students in grades nine through twelve. In both of these programs, you will have the opportunity to read 100 books of your choice and enjoy fun perks including prizes, an annual grand prize drawing, and major bragging rights!  

Who can participate in 100 Books Before High School and 100 Books Before Graduation?

These programs are ONLY for students in grades six through twelve. If you are signing up for one of these programs during the summer (after the school year has ended), you may participate if you are a fifth grader entering sixth grade or an eighth grader entering ninth grade. 

Which books or which types of books do I need to read? 

Reading choice is 100% up to you! We encourage you to read a wide range of books in as many different formats and genres as possible, but there are no requirements for specific titles or genres.

That being said, we encourage you all to read in the spirit of the challenge: read books that interest you, but also stretch outside your comfort zones. Challenge yourself in your reading, but remember to have fun.  If you’re ever unsure about whether a title counts, feel free to contact us and we can give you our thoughts on any specific title.

Can I use a paper log to keep track of my titles?

Yes!  You can download PDF to print out if you prefer a paper log sheet.

Can I use the same book more than once on my log if I re-read it?

No, for this program we would like for you to read 100 separate titles, so you have the chance to read as many books as possible. We still encourage you to re-read your favorites just for fun!

Can I log books that I read before the date I signed up for the challenge — from when I started 6th grade or 9th grade?

No, for this challenge, everyone starts from the point they sign up. We know this is tricky for those of you who are signing up when you’re already part-way through the time frame, but consider that an extra challenge!

I started a book, but didn’t like it and don’t want to finish it. Can I still add it to my list? 

If you have given the book a genuine shot by reading at least 50% of it, then you can add it to your list. We don’t want to force you to read anything you’re not enjoying when there are so many other great books out there!

What are the prizes?

For every 25 books read, you may pick out a prize from the Teen Prizes. These prizes are in the youth services office. Please ask the librarian at the desk to take a look at them. These prizes could be books, candy, notebooks, pens, pencils, games, art supplies and much more. When you finish 100 books, you will receive a survival goodie bag for high school or college/post high school. 

I finished 100 Books Before High School. Can I also sign up for 100 Books Before Graduation?

Yes! We encourage everyone to participate in both programs, as long as you’re the right age!

I don’t know what to read! 

Don’t worry, we know 100 books is a lot and we’re here to help! Check out our website for awesome book lists made by our Teen Librarian or stop by the library to get recommendations!

100 books seems like a lot. How will I have time to read that many?

We don’t expect you to complete this program in a week, a month, or even a year. We encourage you to join both programs at the earliest opportunity possible, which would give you three years to complete the 100 Books Before High School program and four years to complete the 100 Books Before Graduation program. Everyone reads at their own pace, so enjoy the process and take your time! 

Do audiobooks count? What about graphic novels? 

Yes, absolutely! Listening to an audiobook or listening to someone read a book to you counts as having read that book. Graphic novels and manga count too. You can read books in whatever way and format works best for you. 

Can I add the books I need to read for school?

Yes. We would encourage you to also read at least some books just for fun, but mandatory reading counts too. 

I read my 100 books and I still have time before the program ends to read another 100 books. Can I enter this program again?

Wow, congratulations on reading 100 books! We’re thrilled that you want to participate again, but, due to limited prize supplies, you can only officially participate and be eligible for prizes one time. You are still more than welcome to continue or start coming to our Tween/Teen Book Group and to track another 100 books on your own, just for fun. You can find additional paper logs above at the PDFs links. Remember, if you’ve just completed the 100 Books Before High School program, you can still participate in the 100 Books Before Graduation program as soon as you reach the summer before you enter ninth grade. 

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