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Food Waste Collection Initiative:

In the United States, people waste 80 million tons of food every year, which equals 149 billion meals.*

As part of RCL’s Sustainable Summer, we have partnered with Over the Moon Farmers for a Food Waste Collection program. 

All materials collected at the library will be taken to the local farm to be composted and used for crop production.

Please note that all compost will be used by Over the Moon Farms as they see fit. Compost will not be available for library patron use.

*Statistics gathered from

Food Waste Vs. Recycling:

Please be mindful that this is a food waste only collection program. We will only be accepting food scrap waste. Other forms 'green waste', 'brown waste' or recyclable materials will not be accepted.

Food waste must be kept frozen/at a very cold temperature prior to the collection process. 

Why Do Food Scrap Need to Be Frozen? 

  • Freezing the scraps avoids potential smells, as well as lowering the risk of fruit flies, roaches, or rodents prior to collection.

  • Freezing scraps also breaks down the cell membranes of plant matter, speeding up the decomposition process.

What kind of Container Should Be Used?

  • Reusable containers are always encouraged. Any type of container that will fit in the freezer and can be cleaned and reused. This can include yogurt containers, loose-leaf salad containers, Tupperware, or even Ziploc bags.

  • Brown paper bags or compost specific bags can be composted along with the food scraps.

  • Plastic bags or non-reusable containers should be put into the garbage if they cannot be rinsed and recycled.

How Does It Work?

  • Keep all acceptable food waste in your freezer until the date of the drop off.

  • Remove your frozen food waste no earlier than 2 hours before collection.

  • Bring your food waste to the library ONLY on the dates below and ONLY during the designated times.

Acceptable Food Waste:

  • Fruit and vegetable scraps (peels, pits, seeds)

  • Eggshells, nut shells, seed shells

  • Tea bags, coffee grounds, filters

  • Plain grains, plain pasta, plain bread

NOT Acceptable Food Waste:

  • No meat, bones, dairy or oil

  • No pet or human waste

  • No yard waste

  • No human or pet hair or dryer lint

**If you are unsure as to whether something qualifies as 'green waste', please contact the library BEFORE the collection dates.**

When Can Food Waste Be Dropped Off?

Food waste collection can ONLY be dropped off on the dates listed below and during the hours of 4 to 6 PM. Waste dropped off at any other time will not be accepted.


  • June 19th

  • June 26th

  • July 3rd

  • July 10th

  • July 17th

  • July 24th

  • July 31st

Location & Hours

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Tuesdays 10 AM - 6 PM
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Our book drop is located in the rear parking lot of the library, which is accessible though the Richland Eye Care parking lot off of 32nd Street.