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"I love books and the stories within. I love art. At RCL, I am presenting artworks from my personal collection that combine the two.

 My full name is Alice and I have been a fan of Lewis Carroll’s books,

Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, since I was a small child. Alice prompted my character Ali-ce and I have written and illustrated her adventures in seven linocuts with letterset type and a quilt depicting the garden from August to December.

 Other works use various printmaking techniques. Poulet avec Ginkgo is a steamroller print—yes! a woodcut inked up and laid on concrete. Paper (or in this case, fabric) is placed on top of the woodcut, and layers of carpet padding on top of that. A steamroller rolls over the top to create the print. It is an event that printmakers love to share. This was printed in 2019 at the Krasl Art Center in St. Joseph, MI, with my friend, Vicki VanAmeyden.

 My favorite printmaking technique is called chine-colle. Block(s) of colored paper or tissue are pasted to the background paper before running the print on an intaglio press. Tee-Dee, Blue Dasher, and Sea Turtle are examples. Setting and printing type on the letterset press is the final step in making these prints.

 I love to sew, using a machine or by hand. My quilts are referred to as art quilts because they do not follow traditional patterns or styles. Inspired by African stories, For All I’ve Known and Sewn in Time (1976) is a hand-dyed batik quilt with embroidery and beads. In 2010, it was completely taken apart, cleaned, re-colored, and reassembled with a new binding.

 In the display case, you will see a variety of book forms. I spend one day a week in the studio at the Kalamazoo Book Arts Center and teach in-person and online classes there. Check out kalbookarts.org for more info.

 I want to thank Vicki and the Richland Community Library for the opportunity to share my work. I hope you enjoy the show! "

-Ali Hansen

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Our book drop is located in the rear parking lot of the library, which is accessible though the Richland Eye Care parking lot off of 32nd Street.