The Friends of the Library annual used book sale!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 19 from 9:00- 1:00. It's the Friends of Library's annual book sale. The library will be closed that day but tables will be set up in front of the library. Great deals for all!

We welcome gently used books, DVDs and audiobook donations. 
Please help us manage your donations by:
  • Bringing donations INSIDE the library during open hours
  • Bringing donations in boxes, not paper bags
  • Limiting your donations to no more than two boxes at a time
We do NOT accept:
  • Musty or dirty books
  • Encyclopedia sets
  • Old magazines (NO old National Geographics!)
  • Textbooks over 2 years old
  • Condensed books
  • Yellowed paperbacks

Book Sales and Fund-Raising
We maintain an on-going book sale shelf of library discards, with fresh sale items added monthly.  Look to the nook to your left as you enter the library.